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24-Hour Assist

24-Hour Assist

Ready to help with a vehicle breakdown.

Here at Quick Lane, we believe in providing the best service to our customers. Vantage 24-Hour Assist offers an extensive range of benefits in Singapore that are designed to provide assistance and protection to you, your passengers and car.
In the event of a motoring emergency, call the Vantage 24-Hour Assist hotline at +65 6473 8588 to receive assistance from our fully trained coordinators.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vantage 24-Hour Assist is a 24-hour emergency breakdown assistance service that operates 365 days a year, and is provided alongside the vehicle’s warranty. The service is manned by a team of experienced multilingual staff who will provide assistance in the event that your vehicle becomes immobilised.

In the event of a motoring emergency, call the Vantage 24-Hour Assist hotline given on your decal to receive assistance from our fully trained coordinators. Provide the coordinator with your exact location, vehicle registration number, contact details, home address and a description of the problem to ensure efficiency.

Yes, a fee will be charged for replacement parts and workshop labour. Terms and conditions apply.

Upon receiving your call, the nearest and most appropriate service provider will be alerted, and assistance arranged. As the service provider is journeying to you, our coordinators will maintain contact with you and provide updates on the estimated time of arrival of the service provider. Waiting time will vary depending on factors such as distance, traffic and weather.

Yes, you need to be present in order for assistance to be given. In the event of a recovery, you are required to sign a towing receipt before your vehicle can be recovered to our Quick Lane Service Centre. While waiting, remove all belongings from your vehicle. Quick Lane will not be liable for any loss or damage involving personal belongings left in the vehicle.

Vehicles can only be recovered to our Quick Lane Service Centre.

In order to guarantee the highest level of service, only Vantage 24-Hour Assist authorised roadside assistance is permitted. We will not reimburse you for any external arrangements made for roadside assistance.

Contact your personal insurance company for road traffic accident insurance claims.

The Vantage 24-Hour Assist hotline is only for emergency assistance. To make an appointment with a Quick Lane service centre, call your Customer Service Advisor or our branch at +65 6477 7368.

Vantage 24-Hour Assist only recovers vehicles that have been rendered immobile. As this air conditioner does not qualify for the assistance service, kindly drive your vehicle to the Quick Lane Service Centre for immediate attention.

Exceptions to Vantage 24-Hour Assist

This list includes (but is not limited to) the following items:

  • Faulty fuel gauge
  • Speedo meter malfunction
  • Faulty boot
  • Damaged or faulty fuel cap (vehicle not rendered immobile)
  • Faulty convertible roof
  • Faulty sunroof (Absence of security or safety risks)
  • Faulty windows
  • Faulty seat adjustor (Absence of safety risks)
  • Illumination of other non-safety related lights/service warnings

Quick Lane is not liable for:

  • Any loss or damage involving personal belongings left in/on the vehicle
  • Expenses incurred without prior authorisation of Vantage 24-Hour Assist
  • Cost of replacement parts
  • Cost of repairs made to your vehicle
  • Costs resulting from participation in motor racing, rallies, speed or duration tests
  • Costs resulting from poor maintenance of vehicle or from absence of servicing in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Costs resulting from damage and/or claims caused while the driver operates the vehicle under influence of alcohol, solvent abuse, drugs, or other illegal substances
  • Costs resulting from participation in a criminal act or offence
  • Any consequential losses arising directly or indirectly from the immobilisation
  • Costs of specialist equipment required during vehicle recovery in the event of a road traffic accident or other incidents
  • Releasing fees incurred from recovery of vehicle by the authorities or other authorised organisations