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Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance

A new way of servicing your air conditioning.

Microorganisms like mold, germs and bacteria thrive in many air conditioning, causing a foul smell within the in-cabin environment.

At Quick Lane, we recommend the TUNAP AC 4+ Service yearly or every 20,000km for only $251.

This patented and independently tested AC cleaning process gently and effectively reduces the presence of microorganisms and prevents associated health risks.

It has been proven effective by the GUI and declared safe environmentally and internally by the DAAB, German Allergy and Asthma Association.


What is TUNAP AC 4+ Service?

It is a combination of award-winning multi interior air conditioning cleaning services that Quick Lane provides to eliminate unpleasant odours.

The TUNAP AC 4+ consists of the following processes:

Step 1: TUNAP ContraSept 981 Filter Housing Cleaning

The cleaning of the pollen filter environment reduces the risk of further pollutants and germs entering the vehicle interior resulting in cleaner ventilation and fewer microorganisms dwelling in the filter housing.

Step 2: TUNAP ContraSept 180 Cooling Coil Disinfectant

TUNAP ContraSept 180 is sprayed directly onto the evaporator with the aid of a powerful pressure spray gun.

The fast-acting disinfectant actively cleans the whole evaporator system and eliminates bacteria and unpleasant odours at the source.

Step 3: Replacement of a new air conditioning filter

Replacement of a new air conditioning filter greatly reduces the presence of microorganisms in the AC system.

Step 4: TUNAP Airconlogic 289 Interior Fresh

Lastly, the TUNAP Airconlogic 289 treatment freshens in-cabin air to exude a new odour.


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