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Air Conditioning Service

Air Conditioning Service

Keep it cool.

At Quick Lane, we provide top-notch quality services as we believe that your vehicle deserves only the best. High-quality parts are used during all our servicing. With our carefully tailored air conditioning maintenance services, Quick Lane is able to resolve all your air conditioning problems in no time.

Car Engine CapacityPackage Price
< 2000cc$190
> 2000cc$250
Commercial Vehicles$250

Package includes:

  • Air conditioning performance check
  • Compressor check for damage, wear, or loose connections
  • Condenser check for debris, loose mountings and connections, clogs or damaged fins resulting in restricted airflow
  • Checking cooling fans and drive belts for damage, wear, or loose connections
  • Checking refrigerant lines and piping for damage, or loose connections
  • Leak Detection Test
  • System recharge with new air conditioning compressor oil, refrigerant and leak tracer dye top-up, according to vehicle specifications
  • Car cabin sanitisation
  • Pollen/odour filter checking and cleaning, with replacement if necessary*

Terms and conditions apply. An air conditioning inspection report will be provided. In addition, a battery check report will also be provided free of charge.

*Applicable for certain models only. Additional costs for parts replacement.

Benefits of cleaning your air conditioning annually:

  • Improved air circulation
  • Elimination of mould and mildew
  • Clearing of cooling coil and drainage system