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Headlamp Restoration

Headlamp Restoration

Lighting the way for a safer drive

No matter how much wear and tear your headlamps have experienced, our experts here at QuickLane can help make your car look like new again. By mechanically resurfacing the lenses, stripping all oxidation traces, and polishing the outer layer to look cleaner and brighter, your vehicle headlamps are in our good hands.

Benefits of restoring the headlamps of your car:

  • Safety – Restoring your headlamps to their original clarity not only improves your vehicle’s appearance, but also makes it safe for the driver and passengers, as well as other vehicles.
  • Clouded lenses not only reduces visibility for the driver, but also creates a glare that is distracting and dangerous to other drivers.
  • Clear front visibility whilst driving also helps reduces eye strain.

Headlamp Restoration Service

  • We use: P500 Grit Abrasive Disc, P800 Grit Abrasive Disc, P1000 Grit Abrasive Disc, P3000 Grit Abrasive Disc, Perfect-it Rubbing Compound
  • From only $160 for a pair of headlamps, the service we provide is top-notch and also affordable.
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