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How to jump-start a battery

How to jump-start a battery

A dead battery is another common inconvenience that many drivers encounter. Here’s how to get some life back in your car battery.

Before you start

1. Obtain jumper cables. Seek help from nearby vehicles or call a friend if necessary.

2. Locate the batteries of both your vehicle and the assisting vehicle. Check your vehicle’s manual for details about your vehicle’s battery location and terminal placement.

3. Remove any terminal covers and corrosion.

4. Attach the ends of the positive (red) jumper cable to the corresponding terminals on both the dead and assisting battery. Ensure that both metal clamps are in contact with the terminal.

5. Attach one end of the negative (black) jumper cable to the corresponding terminal on the assisting battery.

6. Attach the remaining end of the negative (black) jumper cable to an exposed metal part of the disabled vehicle’s engine, away from the battery and the carburettor/fuel-injection system.

7. Start the assisting vehicle’s engine.

8. Start the broken down vehicle’s engine.

9. Allow both vehicles to run connected for about three minutes.

10. While leaving the jumpstarted vehicle running, disconnect the positive (red) jumper cable first, followed by the negative (black) jumper cable. Close both hoods.

11. Keep the jumpstarted vehicle’s engine running for about half an hour to allow the battery to fully charge.

12. Visit your local Quick Lane to get the jumpstarted battery tested or replaced as soon as you can.