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How to maintain your air conditioning system

How to maintain your air conditioning system

A good air conditioning system makes it easier to focus and concentrate while driving. Thus, regular maintenance of your air conditioning system is not just a matter of comfort, but a matter of safety.

Here are some tips to keep your air conditioning system in top-notch condition:

1. Replace your cabin filter regularly.
The cabin filter prevents smells or dust and other air-borne particles from reaching you. Replace it at least once a year or during each servicing session to ensure the circulation of clean air in your vehicle.

2. Leave the air conditioning system turned on for at least five to ten minutes per month.
Turning it on regularly maintains it in perfect working condition even when the car is not being driven.

3. Have your vehicle’s circuit charge checked by a workshop.
This ensures that there are no leaks and that the gas is recharged whenever needed.

4. Observe your vehicle.
Condensation will be created under the vehicle whenever it stops as a result of air condition use.

5. Contact your workshop when necessary.
If cool air is not being produced, turn the air conditioning off and contact your workshop for maintenance.

6. Utilise the ‘air conditioning treatment’.
This treatment eliminates odours and decimates harmful bacteria leaving your car with a fresh, pleasant smell.

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