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Quicklane EV Experiential Drive Programme

Quicklane EV Experiential Drive Programme

Experience 100% electric for as low as $39 per 4 hrs, which comes inclusive of insurance coverage and unlimited mileage.

The QuickLane EV Experiential Drive Programme is a limited time offer. Experience the smooth and refined BYD e6 EV as you go about your day while your car is being serviced. Terms and conditions apply.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the EV Experiential Drive Program?

EV Experiential Drive Program is a service offered by Vantage Automotive Limited to our customers who need mobility assistance while sending their vehicles in for servicing or repair at an unbeatable rate with experience of fully electric vehicle.

2. What are the charges?

We offered different loaner types to suit your mobility needs:
• $39 for 4 hours
• $88 for 24 hours
• $288 for weekend rental (*Friday evening 4 p.m. to Monday evening 4 p.m.)

3. What is the pick-up and return location?

At 305 Alexandra Road B1.

4. What is the pick-up and return time?

• Weekday pick-up time starts from 8 a.m. and return by 12 p.m.; or pick up at 2 p.m. and return by 6 p.m.
• Weekend pick-up time starts from 4 p.m. – 6 p.m. on Friday and return by 4 p.m. on the following Monday.
• No pick-up outside of operation hours. For convenient drop-off, please arrange with Service Reception @ B1.

5. How far will I be able to travel on one charge?

You can travel up to 300-400 km for each full charged, depending on driving patterns/ behaviours/ traffic conditions.

6. Can I drive the EV out of Singapore?

No. You can only drive the EV within Singapore as the insurance only covers usage within Singapore.

7. What are the requirements to use this service?

The driver must hold a valid driving license (*T&Cs apply).

8. Where can I charge the car?

You can charge it anywhere a charging station is available at your own cost. Free charging is available at charging facilities at 305 Alexandra Road B1 from Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The main EV charging service providers are blueSG, Charge+, Greenlots, and SPGroup. For a more complete overview to locate EV chargers to your home, workplace, or preferred locations, PlugShare, a community-sourced platform for users to upload charging locations from multiple networks, may be considered to locate the most convenient locations for charging. You may visit their website at plugshare.com or download their app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

9. Is insurance inclusive?

Yes, with excess applicable as below:
• Own Damage Claim: $2,500 each claim
• Own Damage Claim: Additional excess of $1,000 for drivers below 23 years old and less than 2 years driving experience.
• Windscreen Claim: $200 each claim
• EV Battery – $3,000 each claim

10. Are the miscellaneous like ERP and carpark charges included?

Like any other car rentals, all miscellaneous like ERP, carpark charges, summons etc. are at your own cost.

11. I have existing some service vouchers given to me, can I offset with the EV Experiential Drive Program?

Yes, You can.

12. I have a discount voucher of 20% discount for repairs/service package I have signed up, is this applicable?

Our humble apologies, due to the terms and conditions of this program, any other discount vouchers/promotions cannot be used in conjunction with the repair of this programme.

13. What if I want to extend the loaning period?

Kindly contact your CSA for further assistance.

14. If I exceeded the loaning period, are there any extra charges?

Yes, there will be an additional charge of $15 per hour.

15. Are pets allowed in the car?

We seek your kind understanding that to uphold stringent hygiene standards (pet dander & allergies) and to respect the cultural beliefs and considerations for all users (in the case of dogs and Muslim). NO, pets are not allowed in the EV.

16. In the event of an emergency, the vehicle broke down or battery drained, who shall I call?

You may contact your CSA or call the Vantage 24-Hour Assist hotline at +65 6473 8588 for assistance.

17. If the vehicle breakdown within the rental period, will there any replacement vehicle?

You may contact your CSA, and we will fully refund the rental fee.